The K Show, in Dusseldorf, held every three years, is the premier show for the plastics and rubber industries. The last K Show, held in 2013 saw our debut at the fair, with our stand for Formulated Polymers Ltd (FPL). This year, we were there again, with FPL, who reposed their faith again, and with a new client, the Tan Hung Co Manufacturing & Trading Company Ltd. or THC, a company based in Vietnam.

This year, FPL had a very different approach to their stand design. They wanted something that would define and reinforce their brand image, as a market leader in their segment. They wanted their stand to look more contemporary and in-sync with the times, and be very pleasant and easy on the eyes. Very unlike last time, when they wanted their stand to be simple and more subdued. This time, the budget was also not a constraint for the right design!


The other stand that we designed and constructed at this years K Show in Dusseldorf, was for THC, which happens to be a leading manufacturer of colour masterbatches, additive masterbatches and custom compounds in Vietnam. The design brief put forth by this company was radically different from the one discussed by FPL. THC wanted something very simple, straightforward and clean. They did not want their stand to be flashy or too attention grabbing. It just had to speak out the company’s ideology in a cool, calm and soothing voice. Almost like a whisper. And that is exactly what we delivered to them!


The focus was entirely on creating an environment where people could sit together and discuss and explore the company’s products and ideology, and at the same time send out a silent message to passers-by and others looking on, about the company, its standing in the market and its segment, and what it stood for. For both the stands. And I think, we succeeded in what we had set out to achieve.

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